Cursillo Weekends

Cursillos in Champaign, IL are usually held twice a year for men and twice for women. If you wish to attend a Cursillo weekend, you will need a sponsor who has attended a Cursillo weekend. Preferably your sponser should be family or friend or someone who attends your church. Your sponsor will assist you in getting ready for the weekend and will drive you to the facility on Friday evening and pick you up on Sunday afternoon. He or she will answer any questions that you might have about Cursillo. Your sponsor should also take you to post Cursillo events throughout the year. If you do not know anyone who could sponsor you, please email us and we will try to match you up with someone in your area who will sponsor you.
The weekend fee is $80. Inability to pay the fee should not be an obstacle to your attendance. Please let us know if this will be a hardship.