Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be Catholic to attend Cursillo?
No, the Cursillo in our area is Ecumenical and we have a nice blend of Catholic and Protestant Cursillistas alike all seeking to be closer to God. Your sponsor should explain to you the Catholic acts of piety and the fact that there is no intercommunion.

Where are the Cursillos held?
For years our Cursillo weekends were held in Pesotum, IL. The loss of the building we were using caused us to move towards the Champaign-Urbana area. Now, by the grace of God and the generosity of the local churches, we have our weekends either at Holy Cross in Champaign, St. Pat’s in Urbana or St Thomas More High School in Champaign.

Can I go home at night?
A Cursillo weekend seeks to shelter you from outside distractions for the three days that you are there. It would greatly detract from your weekend experience if you left the Cursillo facility during it. Therefore, we ask that you spend the entire weekend at the facility. There have been of course, rare exceptions to this rule.

I’m on a special diet. Can I still attend a weekend?
So far, there hasn’t been a special diet that the Cursillo kitchen couldn’t adapt for. Just state your needs clearly on the application.

Why haven’t I ever heard of Cursillo?
We always say that Cursillo is one of those best-kept secrets. But actually Cursillo has been around in the USA since 1957, in the Peoria Diocese since 1964 and in Champaign County for the past 20 years. It is often mentioned in the Catholic Post and is a link on the Peoria Diocese website.

Does my husband have to go first?
This is preferred, but exceptions can be made. Bishop Jenky does desire to get men to go to Cursillo.

Do I have to attend the whole weekend?
Absolutely. If you miss a day or even half a day, you can’t possibly get the entire message. It’s like coming to eat a meal and leaving before the main course.